Dress(Only Maitreya):  .-.-.-.Ellen.-.-.-.-.Yellow- Maitreys only Gift,  Farspire Fashions, Free MGSN Group gift(FREE)

Tattoo(Maitreya, Belleza, Omega): {PU] Lin Tattoo, Pin Up, Free MGSN Group gift(FREE)



Dress(classic, freya, isis, venus, maitreya, hourglass, physique)[other colors availabre for free with other groups]: Blue Mini Dress M.G.S.N., TheBestOfMe, Free MGSN Group Gift

Necklace: Exquisite Heart of the Sea Necklace, Marketplace, FREE



Dress(classic + all mesh bosies appliers) and jewelry: + Kamiri + Anita Minidress Red / Appliers , Kamiri, MidnightMania (free group required)

Shoes (belleza, slink, maitreya) [FATPACK]: ->VeNuS<>ShOeS<-VANESSA FOR SLINK/MAITREYA/BELLEZAv3 HIGH, Venus Shoes,Lucky letter (free group required)


Dress(Only Maitreya):+ Kamiri + Prilla Outfit Maitreya Only Teal, Kamiri, free MGSN group Gift




dress (classic/omega/maitreya/belleza/slink/lola) + boots (xxs->l): [PPD] Just What You Like – Black, Pink Pearl Designs, Free group gift (free to join)

Necklace: =Zenith=Belt Necklace (6Colors), =Zenith=, Free group gift

pony doll:=Zenith=Year of the Horse doll, =Zenith=, Free group gift

skin (classic /omega&tmp head /all mesh bodies appliers): alterego I aaisling – sunkissed alterego & enertia, free group gift (group is temporarily free)


purple dress (classic/tmp/omega/lola) +jewelry+shoes (belleza/maitreya/slink):  [PPD] WIcked – Purple, Pink Pearl Designs, Free MGSN group gift (free to join)

skin (classic /omega&tmp head /all mesh bodies appliers): alterego I aaisling – sunkissed alterego & enertia, free group gift (group is temporarily free)




Dress(classic+all aplliers): + Kamiri + Agata Dress Red, + Kamiri +, Free FabFree group gift(free to join)

Shoes(slink high/maitreya/belleza-Tex hud included): .:KC:. ADORE HEELS FOR SLINK HIGH, MAITREYA & BELLEZA, .:KC:., free group gift (free to join)


Dress(classic/omega/maitreya): + Kamiri + Valla Outfit Blue,+ Kamiri +,, free group gift (free to join)

Shoes(slink high/maitreya/belleza/TMP/Eve -Tex hud included): -KC- SUAMI HEELS / SLINK HIGH, MAITREYA, BELLEZA, TMP, EVE .:KC:., free group gift (free to join)


Top(only maitreya): + Kamiri + Primizia Sequin Top , + Kamiri +,, Free MGSN group Gift (free to join)

Pants(Classic+all applier):*+. Kamiri .+* Leather Pants Black / Appliers, +. Kamiri .+, Not Free

Shoes(slink /maitreya/belleza medium -Tex hud included): .:KC:. MAIA PUMPS – SLINK, MAITREYA, BELLEZA MEDIUM FEET, .:KC:., free group gift (free to join)




Dress(Classic/maitrea/belleza/slink): .::Sweet little Things::. Lace Gown, .::Sweet little Things::., TWISTED TALE HUNT 2(1L$)

Hair:-FABIA- Mesh Hair <Rima> Natural Tones, -FABIA-, free group gift

Skin(classic/all mesh bodies applier/omega head):.:[PUMEC] :. – .:Regina:. – / GIft \ – SKIN (Classic/Omega), .:[PUMEC] :., free group gift (group is temporary free)

eyes(3 colours, classic and mesh version, 4sizes): * Inkheart * – Twisted Tale Hunt 2 gift, * Inkheart *, TWISTED TALE HUNT 2(1L$)


Snapshot_027.jpgtop(maitreya, belleza,slink + 5 fitmesh size): nessmarket Subscribers gift, Nessmarket, Subscribers gift

jeans(classic avatar + all mesh bodies appliers):em@il-Leather Pants-Black,  em@il, Lucky Letter(free group required)

Tattoo(Only maitreya):PICHI – Flower in Lamp Tattoo (Maitreya Applier HUD), SaNaRae 1st year Birthday Gift, Free Group Gift

Necklace:-SECRETS- Serenity Necklace Gold, SaNaRae 1st year Birthday Gift, Free Group Gift

earrings: “mignon.” -autumn square earrings., SaNaRae 1st year Birthday Gift, Free Group Gift

Hair: .:CHEVEUX GIFT:., SaNaRae 1st year Birthday Gift, Free Group Gift

Shoes(maitreya, slink, belleza): {Livalle} Classico -Zipper Heels- Baby Blue, SaNaRae 1st year Birthday Gift, Free Group Gift

other free group gifts available at  SaNaRae 1st year Birthday Gift